Table of Contents

First Course on Power Electronics

by N. Mohan, year 2007 edition

Chapter 1     Power Electronics:  An Enabling Technology
Chapter 2     Design of Switching Power-Pole
Chapter 3     Switch-Mode DC-DC Converters: Switching Analysis, Topology Selection and Design
Chapter 4     Designing Feedback Controllers in Switch-Mode DC Power Supplies 
Chapter 5     Rectification of Utility Input Using Diode Rectifiers
Chapter 6     Power-Factor-Correction (PFC) Circuits and Designing the Feedback Controller
Chapter 7     Magnetic Circuit Concepts
Chapter 8     Switch-Mode DC Power Supplies
Chapter 9     Design of High-Frequency Inductors and Transformers
Chapter 10   Soft-Switching In DC-DC Converters And Inverters For Induction Heating And Compact Fluorescent Lamps
Chapter 11   Applications of Switch-Mode Power Electronics in Motor Drives, Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Power Systems
Chapter 12   Synthesis of DC and Low-Frequency Sinusoidal AC Voltages for Motor Drives and UPS
Chapter 13   Designing Feedback Controllers for Motor Drives
Chapter 14   Thyristor Converters
Chapter 15   Utility Applications of Power Electronics
 Homework Problems
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