Table of Contents

Advanced Electric Drives:  Analysis, Control and Modeling using Simulink®

by N. Mohan, year 2001 edition


Chapter 1 Introduction to Advanced Electric Drive Systems
Chapter 2 Induction Machine Equations in Phase Quantities: Assisted by Space Vectors
Chapter 3 Dynamic Analysis of Induction Machines in Terms of dq-windings
Chapter 4 Vector Control of Induction-motor Drives:  a Qualitative Examination
Chapter 5 Mathematical Description of Vector Control
Chapter 6 Detuning Effects in Induction Motor Vector Control
Chapter 7 Space Vector Pulse-width-modulated (SV-PWM) Inverters
Chapter 8 Direct Torque Control (DTC) and Encoder-less Operation of Induction Motor Drives
Chapter 9 Vector Control of Permanent-magnet Synchronous Motor Drives
Chapter 10 Switched-reluctance Motor (SRM) Drives
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