Simulation Package:                           

Power Electronics Modeling Simplified using PSpice

by N. Mohan

  • Includes a Quick Setup Guide:  Start simulating Power Electronics in 10 minutes

  • Ideal for Educators and Designers of Power Electronics (switching power supplies, power-factor-correction circuits, motor drives, etc.)

  • Designers – Save valuable time by building upon these simulation examples

  • Add this powerful capability within minutes on your own PC

This easy-to-use package comes complete with:

  • A CD-ROM with powerful Release 9 PSpice™ Evaluation Software

  • 3-1/2 inch diskettes with 103 simulation examples and exercises

  • All simulations work with the Evaluation PSpice on the accompanied CD-ROM.

  • Two Symbol Libraries of components, specially designed for power electronics

  • NEW A Quick Setup Guide: Complete the entire setup and start simulating power electronics using PSpice (Release 9) in less than 10 minutes! 

  • A detailed 275-page, bound Exercise Manual with ready-made exercises for self-learning

  • A 35-page, simple step-by-step Instruction manual, specifically designed for using PSpice to simulate Power Electronics Converters and Systems

  • An Educational Site License encourages instructors to make copies for their students in university courses.

Ideal for Teaching (Classroom demos and Lab), Self-Learning & Design

- Each Simulation exercise in the 275-page Exercise Manual consists of:

  • description and circuit diagram of a converter

  • set of problems for investigation

  • PSpice Schematic (also provided on a diskette)

  • Plot of some typical results

  • Reference to pages in the textbook by Mohan, Undeland and Robbins for further reading.

- All Major Topics of Power Electronics are covered (please see the Table of Contents for a complete listing)


Learn-by-Examples the use of PSpice™ for Power Electronics

- Getting Started

  • Load the PSpice Evaluation version from the included CD-ROM

  • Double click on the installation setup to copy all power electronics simulation examples from the accompanying diskette in a folder on your hard drive.

     - Easy-to-Use PSpice

  • Simply bring the desired components from the symbol libraries (two special symbol libraries for Power Electronics are included on the diskette), make connections, assign component values, and set simulation times; the program does the rest.

New! A Quick and Easy Setup Guide:  Start simulating power electronics in 10 minutes.   

In addition, a 35-page, step-by-step Instruction Manual is included for learning to use already developed exercises, but also to be able to develop similar exercises from scratch. 

Minimum System Requirements:  Pentium 90 MHz PC, 32 MB RAM, 4x CD-ROM drive, Floppy drive, Mouse, Windows 95/98 or Windows NT 4.0 service Pack 3, 150 MB of Hard Disk space, 800x600, 256 Color VGA display, 16-bit audio (recommended).

* PSpice is a registered trademark of OrCAD Corporation (


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