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First Course on Power Electronics

by Ned Mohan

Includes a CD-ROM with Adobe Acrobat slides, student version of PSpice and simulation examples with homework problems

 298 pages, soft cover, ISBN: 978-0-9715292-8-1,

Published by MNPERE

An integrated Electric Energy Systems curriculum consists of three segments: Power Electronics, Power Systems and Electric Drives.  This textbook follows a top-down systems-level approach to Power Electronics to highlight interrelationships between these sub-fields.  This textbook is intended to teach students both the fundamentals and practical design in a single-semester course.

A building-block approach to power electronics allows an in-depth discussion of several important topics that are left out in conventional courses, for example, designing feedback control, power-factor-correction circuits, soft-switching, and SV-PWM which is a PWM technique far superior to Sine-PWM, to name a few.  The topics in this book are carefully sequenced to maintain continuity and student interest throughout the course. 

In a fast pace course with proper student background, this book can be covered from front-to-back in one semester.  However, the material is arranged in such a way that an instructor, to accommodate the studentsí background, can either omit an entire topic or cover it quickly to provide just an overview using the PowerPoint-based slides on the accompanying CD, without interrupting the flow.

PSpice-Based Simulations

The fundamental concepts are reaffirmed directly by simulations using a general-purpose simulator, PSpice, which is best suited for education and useful later on in industry.  Simulations can also be extremely beneficial in describing the design details by making realistic homework problems.


The accompanying CD-ROM includes the following:

∑         Extremely useful for Instructors: PowerPoint-based slides in PDF format are included for every chapter to quickly prepare lectures and to review the material in class.  All the slides can be printed.

∑         Student version of PSpice that is sufficient for educational purposes and is ready-to-use; nothing to download or purchase.

∑         Simulations and design examples are ready-to-execute using PSpice that is already loaded on this accompanying CD-ROM.


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