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Electric Drives:  An Integrative Approach

by N. Mohan, year 2003 edition

Newly revised in 2003:  Now soft cover and media enhanced with a CD-ROM with 340 Adobe Acrobat slides.
First, what this book is not:  it is not intended to provide a superficial overview of topics in power systems, electric drives, and power electronics in a single course. Rather, it provides a very fundamental treatment of a broad range of topics, always keeping an eye towards applications. Outdated techniques are omitted to save time and avoid confusion. This book is based on years of research in education, with the help of many colleagues.

This research has led to:

1. the building-block approach for describing switch-mode power electronics used in modern-day drives

2. making the space-vector theory approachable to undergraduates - as easy as using phasors (in fact easier, by providing a physical meaning to space-vector representations). The use of space vectors reveals the physical basis on which ac machines operate, thus allowing a clear understanding of how they ought to be controlled for optimum performance. An important benefit of this approach is the continuity between this introductory course and more advanced mathematically-based courses. (Please see the Second Semester book.)


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